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  Cars Tribute Band was formed in late 2010 to realize the vision of creating a worthy and mesmerizing tribute to The Cars. Lead singer and front man Randy ( formerly of IOU)  reunited with his old band mate Rob, a skilled, experienced drummer. In 2014, guitarist Jason was added. Jason insightful combination of solid lead guitar is an amazing likeness to Elliot Easton. Jason has great energy and is always highly energetic.  Phil was then added and his Talented keyboard skills and super theory has highlighted Candy-O’s uncanny likeness to that of The Cars. Filling out the line up, bassist  Dave upped the ante and plays the Benjamin Orr role with trademark bass guitar rhythms. His look, Vocals and personality will spark excitement as you see him play.

Candy-O , Cars Tribute Band  breathes tone and accuracy into every song, with spot on delivery of all The Cars’ radio hits as well as many other timeless album cuts. Candy-O is the complete experience of The Cars’ live performance in every way; the look, the sound, the energy and the vibe. Candy-O is from Portland Oregon.